Can I print more than one version?

Yes. Please provide us with the number of versions needed including quantity per version.

Can Clubpallets.com help with the graphic design?

Absolutely. Our parent company, Kendal King Group, offers a full assortment of marketing services. We can provide cost estimates for all design work.

Will an instruction letter be provided?

As necessary, we will provide an instruction letter.

Can an order be canceled?

Once we’ve received initial payment for your program, the order cannot be canceled.

Will I receive an art proof?

One PDF art proof will be sent for final approval prior to production.


How do I track or manage purchases?

Confirmation emails are sent upon order agreement. We will provide tracking numbers when necessary.

How do I pay?

Terms are TBD until scope of work has been evaluated.  Typically orders are partially invoiced pre-production.  The balance is invoiced after your program has shipped.

Shipping Information

Can orders be shipped direct to stores?

Yes. We will need an accurate and current store list with the total quantity needed for each store.

Is shipping included in my cost?

No. Cost does not include shipping. All shipping is FOB, our dock.

How will my order be shipped?

Standard shipping is knocked down flat (KDF) to one location.

We can assemble and ship as your program demands.

If an accurate and current store list is provided, we can ship direct to stores.